These are pictures of a job we completed. The homeowner had old ceiling tiles, and wanted to install drywall. Another
contractor installed the drywall and did a knockdown finish even though the homeowner wanted slick ceilings. There
were some problems with the knockdown so I recommended skimming over all the ceilings to make them slick.
The sun shining on the kitchen ceilings after we sanded made them look shiny, also the off colored spots
you see are from the touch up mud. We tint it so we can find the touch up spots easily and sand them after
they dry. The homeowner was very happy with the ceilings when we were done. This job is an example of
why it is important to find a contractor that will listen to your input, if the first guy had just given the
homeowner what they wanted they wouldn't have had to spend more money to fix it.